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Latest Postdoctoral Education

Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (Spain)

Latest Book

Deconstructing the Talmud. The Absolute Book, London-New York, Routledge, 2019, 254 pp.


Latest Book Chapter

Testifying, Writing, and Putting God in the Dock: Elie Wiesel and the Crisis of Traditional Theodicy, in V. Nesfield – P. Smith (Eds.), The Struggle for Understanding. Elie Wiesel's Literary Works, New York, SUNY, 2019 (in press)

Latest Journal Article

"Jesus’ Punishment in Hell in the Latin Translation of the Babylonian Talmud. A Passage from Tractate Gittin in the Extractiones de Talmud," in Henoch, 40, 1 (2018), pp. 165-195